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Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures

Flaunting her curves in and out of a bikini top is the very beautiful Claudia Galanti frolicking along a beach. The hard-working 31-year-old had kept beachgoers enthused for hours as she pushed the garment to the limit by jogging on the beach, building sandcastles and even taking a dip in the surf. But from the moment she emerged from the ocean it was clear that her beach odyssey was going to take a fateful turn as she endeavoured to get the perfect suntan. And so it proved to be, for once she had managed to make it back to her sun-lounger she promptly lay on her front and swept off her top. And luckily for the supermodel, she will certainly not have been short of offers from fellow holidaymakers to rub in some extra suntan lotion onto her back after her splash in the water. Awesome!!!