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The 10 Hottest Celebrities

We couldn’t do a list of the hottest supermodels without also doing a list of the hottest celebrities! Here they are, as selected and voted on by me.

#1 – Megan Fox
Yowzah! Megan just has the whole package.

#2 – Jennifer Aniston
Who hasn’t had a crush on Jen ever since Friends?

#3 – Scarlett Johansson
The epitome of the Nordic princess. Just gorgeous!

#4 – Angelina Jolie
Like a lot of people, I saw Tomb Raider and fell in love instantly.

#5 – Halle Berry
So cute and perky, I like Halle’s berries.

#6 – Milla Jovovich
There’s something sexy about a chick who can kill zombies.

#7 – Jessica Alba
Another celeb with make-you-weak-in-the-knees beauty.

#8 – Demi Moore
She must be about 80 now, but damn she still looks good.

#9 – Charlize Theron
What can I say? She’s just adorable.

#10 – Paris Hilton
She might be famous for nothing and dumb as hell, but her celebrity status obliges me to include her.