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Megan Fox Bikini Pictures

It’s a beautiful day and we’ve just located beautiful American actress Megan Fox strolling along the beach and frolicking in the ocean in a beautiful black bikini. Even though she’s a married woman now, she’s still one of the most adored Hollywood starlets making movies today. So many women copy cat her look and who could blame them. She’s absolutely stunning and now you can see why up close and personal. Enjoy.

The 10 Hottest Celebrities

We couldn’t do a list of the hottest supermodels without also doing a list of the hottest celebrities! Here they are, as selected and voted on by me.

#1 – Megan Fox
Yowzah! Megan just has the whole package.

#2 – Jennifer Aniston
Who hasn’t had a crush on Jen ever since Friends?

#3 – Scarlett Johansson
The epitome of the Nordic princess. Just gorgeous!

#4 – Angelina Jolie
Like a lot of people, I saw Tomb Raider and fell in love instantly.

#5 – Halle Berry
So cute and perky, I like Halle’s berries.

#6 – Milla Jovovich
There’s something sexy about a chick who can kill zombies.

#7 – Jessica Alba
Another celeb with make-you-weak-in-the-knees beauty.

#8 – Demi Moore
She must be about 80 now, but damn she still looks good.

#9 – Charlize Theron
What can I say? She’s just adorable.

#10 – Paris Hilton
She might be famous for nothing and dumb as hell, but her celebrity status obliges me to include her.